Christmas 2021

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

Our Christmas menu is available for pre-order from now until 31 Dec. Get your orders in early and don't wait til the last minute! If you'll be away for the holidays and want to send a gift to your loved ones, we will be happy to attach a gift tag with a message from you, and help with delivery arrangements if needed.

(The numbers correspond to the pictures on the right)

1) Chocolate Baileys Tart
Who doesn't love a chocolate tart! This version has Baileys Irish Cream in the chocolate filling, and is a wonderful variation for the festive season.

2) Sea-Salt Caramel Cheesecake
Salted caramel must be one of the most popular flavours/ toppings of all time! Here we present the classic New York cheesecake, rich and creamy with a crust, topped with lovely sea-salt caramel and toasted hazelnuts.

3) Rum-Cherries Log
Soft chocolate roulade with light choc cream and rum-soaked cherries, covered in choc ganache. Always a hit at Christmas! *Non-alcohol version available upon request.

4) Mont Blanc Yule Log
Since we can't travel to Japan, we thought we'd bring our favourite Japanese dessert here! Presenting our version of the Mont Blanc (Chestnut Cream cake) as a Yule Log- soft, pillowy cake, light chantilly cream with bits of chestnut inside, and topped with chestnut puree.

5) Choc Guinness cake with Baileys Frosting
Last Christmas' most popular cake makes a comeback! The richly-flavoured cake goes perfectly well with the creamy irish cream frosting. A hit all year round!

6) Pecan Pie
One of our favourite recipes from long ago, this classic American pie -more often associated with Thanksgiving- is chock-full of pecans. The maple syrup adds a complex rich flavour, making it a lovely dessert at Christmas, especially if paired with vanilla ice cream.

7) Burnt Cheesecake
The popularity of this cake extends another year, and so we're happy to bake it this Christmas.

1) Chocolate Baileys Tart
7inch (serves 6) - $42
9inch (serves 10) - $59

2) Sea-Salt Caramel Cheesecake
6inch round (serves 6) - $45
7inch round (serves 10) - $59

3) Rum-Cherries Log
8inch (serves 10-12) - $59

4) Mont Blanc Yule Log
8inch (serves 10-12) - $59

5) Choc Guinness Cake with Baileys' Irish Cream Frosting
6inch round, 750g (serves 6-8) - $45

6) Pecan Pie
7inch (serves 6) - $42
9inch (serves 10)- $59

7) Burnt Cheesecake
7inch (serves 10) - $49

Serving Recommendation:
Cakes taste better at room temperature. Take out of the fridge 20mins before serving.

  • 1chocbaileys2
  • 2seasaltcaramelchz
  • 3rumcherrieslog2
  • 4montblanclog2
  • 5chocguin
  • 6pecanpie
  • 7burntchz

Additional Info:

Collection location:
Block 4 Holland Close S271004

Collection timings to note:
24 Dec: 9am-6pm
25 Dec: 9-10am or 12-3pm

We normally use Lalamove or Grab Express (*they have holiday surcharges for 23-26 Dec). Kindly let us know early as we need to book at least 1 week in advance for 23-25Dec (it will be impossible to get a driver on the spot for those dates).

For this Xmas period, we also are happy to offer a few delivery slots via a driver we work with. His charges range from $12-18 depending on the distance from Holland Village + $2 holiday surcharge for 24th and 25th. As these slots are limited, kindly let us know soonest if you need to reserve one (first-come-first-serve). For these deliveries, we can't guarantee an exact timing as it depends on his route. We can provide an approximate window of time closer to the date.

If you need cakes at a specific time, we recommend booking your own delivery person. Kindly let us know the pickup timing (we will provide the full address for the driver).


Keep refrigerated.