Mother's Day 2022

Why not make Mum's day with a Chestnut Chiffon or Yuzu Chiffon?

The Chestnut Chiffon comes with a light Chestnut fresh cream all around, and is decorated with Chestnuts on top.

The Yuzu Chiffon has a tangy yuzu buttercream frosting on top, so it's not too heavy and yet has that extra kick! It's decorated with edible dried flowers.

Mother's Day wordings are placed on a choc piece, and used to cover the 'hole' in the centre of the cake.

Chestnut Chiffon:
7 inch round - $40

Yuzu Chiffon:
7 inch round - $44

Serving Recommendation:
Keep refrigerated. Kindly consume within 3-4 days.

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